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Hello UNM,

Were there any changes made to sonar sensors code in the past few weeks? Our pick up code used to work fine and robot had a blocked center sonar when picked up a cube, but then suddenly every robot fails to get the blocked center sonar when the cube is picked up.

Here is a picture of what it looks like when the robot picks up a cube autonomously. The sonar is obviously blocked. Any idea why it stopped working??

Thank you,


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You might look at page 3 of the sensor documentation.

The block surface looks like it's at too shallow an angle reflect the ping back to the sensor.

Darren Churchill
Cabrillo College

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Thanks for the reply Darren.

That could be the issue,
but for the past 2-3 weeks or so, the robots were able to successfully pick up a cube. The code for pickup have not changed at all and now no matter how many times they try to pick it up the sonar is still not blocked.

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Hey Dennis,

We definitely haven't changed any code for the sonars.  I can tell you that they can seem unreliable because many factors effect sound - outgoing and incoming to the sensor.  The gripper also picks up cubes in many orientations, so it will sometimes be out of the way - or not.  

You may want to have the rovers ignore that center sensor when it picks up a cube.

Jake Nichol
Swarming Technologies LLC - Swarmathon Hardware Support
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